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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Moon Board of Supervisors soon will visit Marcellus Shale drilling sites in the township

The people of Moon Township, PA have been lied to once again!!! Please tell the citizens why they are just now being told that the township is being approached by Marcellus Shale drillers? We are now reading that Atlas Energy is going to escort the supervisors on potential drilling sites!!!!

In other words, Atlas has already done the seismic reading tests, have already made deals with property owners, have already chosen sites that will be drilled and Fracked on. It is now, March 31, 2011, that the people of Moon Township are finally being told. 

This process has been in progress for a while now, yet the people are now being told, and the supervisors are now figuring out that they better get moving with real solid, and significantly tight ordinances before the heavy trucks, and Frack wagons start moving in.

Hey Supers---once the drillers find the natural gas and Frack it out, they will need a delivery system to move it out of the well. That requires a pipeline. A pipeline throughout the area they are drilling and Fracking. They will also need a downstream compression station. Where will that go?

So, just who are the secretive supervisors? Are they the same ones who actually told us that Walmart will be good for Moon Township, and that it will bring in revenue and jobs? The fact behind Walmart is that for every $10,000 in revenue, it will cost the township $13,000 in operating costs because of the Walmart. Now we hear that these same supervisors are likely to not go forward with their appeal in the courts, and to allow Walmart to set the rules for the township!!! These same supervisors allowed the Walmart attack dogs to dictate the rules to them during the Walmart hearing and the preliminary vote. Now that they have a chance to defend themselves in court, and set some rules in regards to the Walmart roads and traffic, they are likely to back down and get kicked in the butt again. 

These are YOUR supervisors!!! No spine. No guts. No governance capabilities.

Moon Supervisors to Tour Marcellus Shale Drilling Sites
Board member proposes revision of ordinances governing gas and oil drilling.

By Jenna Staul writing for Moon Patch


The Moon Board of Supervisors soon will visit Marcellus Shale drilling sites in the township.
Atlas Energy, which plans to drill in several locations in the township, will escort board members on a tour of the sites this spring. A date has not been determined.
At the board’s monthly workshop meeting Wednesday night, Supervisor Marv Eicher said he was concerned that the township's ordinances for gas and oil drilling failed to properly address Marcellus Shale drilling.
"We ought to get started on revising our ordinances," he said. "I'm a believer that we should have a Marcellus Shale ordinance."
Eicher said the current gas and oil and construction ordinances would place restrictions on drilling companies in the township.
"Right now you can't do construction after 9 p.m. or work on holidays or Sundays, so they would be violating that," Eicher said. "Now, my understanding is when you start drilling you can't stop."
Board Chairman Jim Vitale said the board would discuss the issue at an April meeting.
Here are comments written by readers of this story:
Once Again the Vitale, Eicher, Gribbon gang hand out our money without batting an eyelash. We have roads that need repaired. We have people losing their jobs and houses. These guys spend money like the school board (next they will be raising our taxes). Please stop wasting our money on Wal-Mart and invest it in our infastructure and stop preventing business's from coming to Moon Towship. We as residents are tired of listening to where trees are going to be planted and what color you are going to paint your building. Start thinking about your tax payers and not about your TV time.

It is a sad day for Pennsylvanians. The 31 March PPG reported that all Marcellus gas well inspection and permit efforts have to be politically cleared by DEP Secretary Michael Krancer. For those keeping score, Krancer and his direct family donated $ 306.500.00 to Corbett's campaign. The members of the Marcellus Shale Advisory Board, just appointed by Gov Corbett, donated a combined $ 1.4 million to the Corbett campaign. (see post-gazette.com/pipeline) About two thirds of the 1.4 million came from Advisory Board members connected to the energy industry. So the big money has bought a governor and the Gov has castrated inspections as well as killed extraction tax efforts. Don't expect any real environmental protection from this Administration. Our supervisors may write fine regulations here in Moon Twp, but compliance will be handled by Gov Gas Corbett and his cronies.
I have gone from being a believer in extracting Marcellus gas, to believing it should not be taken out until we get government that will work to protect all Pennsylvanians, both economically and environmentally.

Jenna — Any idea where these drilling sites are in Moon? This is the first I've heard of Moon being home to any drilling sites. This concerns me greatly as I fear for the water supply in our township, the atmosphere of Moon and for the roads and traffic in our mostly residential community.
I'd be curious to see a map or learn more about how many sites there are and where they are located.
This is very scary.

The Moon Township board of Supervisors have a bunch worthless dolts behaving like they are important civil servants. They have been told time and time again to update their drilling and fracking ordinances, yet they continue to sit on their hands ignoring the dangers coming right toward them. Just as they failed to tighten the ordinances that allowed for a huge big box Walmart store to come into the heart of the township seriously impacting the traffic negatively and turning simple traffic problems into a major nightmare, ultimately costing the taxpayers large amounts of money, they are doing the same thing in regards to Marcellus Shale drilling.
Why have they not spoken with other communities who have already written serious ordinances, such as South Fayette, or Cecil, or Robinson Township (Washington County)? Marcellus Shale has been damaging water supplies, roads, private property, noise ordinances since 2004, and it is only now, 7 years later, the Moon Twp. supervisors are just waking up from their idiot stooper?
I believe they should read http://moontownshippa.blogspot.com to catch up on what the problems are with Marcellus Shale and who to talk to out there in the real world. And, stop talking to Corbett's lap dogs in this industry, such as Representative Mustio, and Senate Rep. Pippy. Corbett is a paid goon for the industry. Wake up folks!!!!


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