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Monday, March 7, 2011

To All Moon Township Readers:

Hello from Moon Township's Marcellus Shale Coalition blogspot---please post this site on your Facebook page, and find us on OUR Facebook page titled Moon Township Marcellus Shale. Also, forward it to all of those you know in Moon Township so we all can be informed about the possible drilling horrors that might end up next door to YOUR house, or find its way into OUR drinking water, or bubble up to the surface of OUR lawns and yards, or poison YOUR backyard air, or explode from a holding tank standing down the street.

Please demand strong ordinances from our Township officials and supervisors.

We need an expert attorney to write protective ordinances for our community.

The attorney group called www.frackbusters.com appear to be worthy of such a job. Our current solicitor has a conflict-of-interest and cannot do the job required, since he has contracts with the gas industry.

We want any and all ordinances posted on the Moon Township website for all to review. We don't need to write a Right-To-Know document in order to read them. THEY MUST BE POSTED FOR ALL TO READ. We also need to read on the website a timeline defining the timeframe the township will use to ultimately create a final document to be voted on. THAT MUST BE POSTED, AS WELL.

Here are the email addresses of our supervisors:


(Yet he doesn't live in Moon Township any longer but still remains a board member. Ask him to resign.)

The township manager's email address is jcreese@moontwp.com

Folks, we don't have anytime to waste! The drillers are coming; the drillers are coming!!!

We will end up with huge tanker trucks, construction vehicles driving down our two-lane roads, destroying our peace and quiet.


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