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Friday, March 18, 2011

West Virginia's Marcellus Shale Regulations Salvaged By Legislature

By Tom Miller

February 24, 2011 · The announcement earlier this week that the comprehensive Marcellus Shale legislation would probably die in the House Judiciary Committee has prompted a move to revive at least part of this bill.
Committee Chairman Tim Miley of HarrisonCounty said he’s now hoping to successfully salvage at least some parts of the bill that would not need a second reference to the House Finance Committee.

But even if the bill can go directly to the House floor and avoid that second committee review,  Miley has hours, not days, to get this bill reported to the House floor. 
It must be ready for first reading Thursday morning at 11 am when the house convenes for its floor session.

Tuesday is Crossover Day -- the last day bills can be considered in their house of origin. 

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