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Monday, May 30, 2011

Investigate Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett!!!

If you want the US Justice Department to investigate why Tom Corbett, when PA Attorney General, did not prosecute waste water hauler, Alan Shipman, for illegal toxic fluid dumping in our watershed, then write them here.

Here is their email address:


It appears that Tom Corbett had the evidence in his possession, while attorney general, but might have avoided prosecution of Shipman, only to pass it on the our current attorney general, because, at that time, the Marcellus Shale industry was just emerging and did not want any negative press that would surround their secretive fracking fluids and chemical combinations they were using. From what I understand, Corbett had a long laundry list of violations committed by Shipman, but avoided indicting the guy.

As we know, Corbett is tight with this industry and received much money from them.

We need to flood the Department of Justice with our desire to have Corbett's actions investigated.


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