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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Did Moon Township Board of Supervisor Frank Sinatra Mean?

Moon.Patch.com reported on the Moon Township Board of Supervisors workshop meeting. This is what Mr. Frank Sinatra said at the meeting. 

"Supervisor Frank Sinatra said the board was working with outside legal council to adjust its drilling ordinances to accommodate Marcellus Shale drilling companies, though he did not offer specifics on what aspects of the current ordinances would change."

I surely hope Mr. Sinatra is trying to "accommodate" the needs of the Moon Township residents by protecting their property values, health, safety, welfare, traffic, and noise. I surely hope is not trying to accommodate the needs of the drilling companies over his requirement to protect the township from the problems many other communities have experienced as a result of drillers.

We do not need our Board of Supervisors accommodating anymore big corporate entities, like they have accommodated the needs of Wal-Mart, and now the Marcellus Shale drilling industry.

By-the-way, are our supervisors going to back down on their Common Pleas appeal which would demand that Wal-Mart adhere to the conditions put forth to Wal-Mart by the supervisors at the preliminary approval vote and hearing? These same "accommodating" supervisors MUST STAND UP TO WAL-MART AND MOVE FORWARD ON THIS APPEAL!!!! Tell these supervisors that they MUST go forward with the appeal. YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE THE MAY 2011 WORKSHOP MEETING!! DON'T WAIT. DO IT NOW!

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