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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wine and Dine "Bribes" To PA Lawmakers by Range Resources-read bio

Of course there is nothing illegal about this, yet these lawmakers are to represent their voting constituents and not the corporate elite interests that wine and dine them. This is unethical, at the least. It shows bias and causes these lapdancing legislators to kiss the hands that write the campaign contribution checks. This is how Tom Corbett got elected. He ignored the illegal actions of Alan Shipman as he dumped toxic waste chemicals into the watershed, while Corbett knew as PA State Attorney General and did nothing about it, no doubt, because it would anger the Marcellus Shale industry to bring negative attention to the Fracking water used in the drilling process.

This piece was printed last Feb. 3, 2011 and came from Capital Ideas blog. Themorningcall.com

written by John L. Micek
Range Resources To Wine, Dine Lawmakers At Super Bowl Party -- In Texas.

So You Know How We Keep Hearing ...

... that a severance tax would bring the state's "embryonic" Marcellus shale industry to its knees, forcing countless corporate executives to pull up sticks and move back to Texas and seek therapy to deal with the scarring they'd suffered at the hands of heartless Pennsylvania lawmakers?

Because if we do tax them, then they won't be able to throw totally bitchin' Super Bowl parties for Pennsylvania lobbyists, lawmakers and other state officials like they're going to on Saturday at some place called the Mitchell Ranch in a town called Granbury, just outside Fort Worth.

Because we have friends in all the wrong places, we were lucky enough to get our mitts on an invitation, which was sent out by Harrisburg lobbying shop Greenlee Partners. The e-mail was rather innocuously headlined "If you're going to the Super Bowl ..."
And really, who amongst us isn't? We've got the Capitol Ideas jet all gassed up and ready to go.
For those lucky enough to attend, you'll be among "Steelers fans, friends ofRange Resources and even some Super Steeler greats," where you'll enjoy "a classic Texas BBQ, music and entertainment as we cheer on the Steelers to another Super Bowl championship," the invitation reads.
Putting aside for a moment the difficulties involved in cheering for a team that won't be playing for another 24 hours (The party is on Saturday, the game is on Sunday), we're guessing that this bash will make for an excellent opportunity for the folks at Range Resources to tell PA power-brokers exactly how cool they are, and, we're guessing, what a bad idea it would be to impose a severance tax.
Not that the Corbett administration is going to do something like that. But still, these admonitions tend to go over better when they're accompanied by barbecued brisket and beer.
So, please, Pennsylvania lawmakers and policy honchos, the future of totally bitchin Super Bowl parties in exotic locales hangs in the balance here. Won't you please, please, please do the right thing?


This is from Sourcewatch.org
"According to a 2010 article in Vanity Fair, "as use of the technique (fracking) has spread, it has been followed by incidents of water contamination and environmental degradation, and even devastating health problems." [2] And according to data released to the EPA, Halliburton, a major supplier of fracking fluid, admitted using 807,000 gallons of diesel-based chemicals in its fluids, in violation of an agreement drillers had with the EPA.[3]

Range Resources has the largest number of fracking sites in the Marcellus Shale region of the U.S and "occupied the first position in terms of gas production in the Marcellus Shale during the period of January to December 2009."[4] It has been reporting annual revenues of between $744 million and $1.32 billion a year over the past five years, with gross profits of between $700 million and $1.26 billion a year in this period. Its CEO is one of the highest paid executives in the U.S., with an annual compensation of $7.4 million. Range Resources has been accused of numerous safety violations, including polluting rivers and spoiling drinking water by contaminating it with methane gas. Range Resources and its executives have also been very active in making partisan political donations, predominantly in favor of Republicans. This company, headquartered in Texas, has invested significant funds in elections in Pennsylvania, a state with large shale deposits, and its PAC was a major spender in the election of the new governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett....the majority of its political donations has gone to pro-fracking Republicans. 

 According to MarcellusMoney.org, a project of Common Cause PA and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, $84,816 was given by Range Resources to candidates and political parties in 2010.[6] The biggest chunk of that, $34,916.64, went directly to now Governor of Pennslyvania, Republican Tom Corbett, who supports a no-tax approach for corporations who want to frack. By comparison, $10,500 was given to Corbett's opposition, Democrat Dan Onorato, who supported a tax on methane drilling. Range, along with other big Marcellus Shale players like Cabot Oil and Gasand Chesapeake Energy, each paid $25,000-$50,000 for Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett's two-day inaugural party.[7]

...Range Resources Energy Independence PAC. In 2010 alone, its PAC donated over $52,000 to political campaigns and organizations, with the majority of the funds going to known Republican supporters of methane drilling, like Republican Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania. 10]
A chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, has stated that "Range Resources, with drilling rights to more than 1.4 million acres, is one of the biggest natural gas players in Pennsylvania, and is one of the most frequent campaign contributors as well. The company’s political arm gave to state Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods; Sen. John Rafferty, R-Montgomery; Sen. Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson; Sen. Jake Corman, R-Centre; and Auditor General Jack Wagner, among others, in 2009. In turn, the biggest donors to the Range PAC are its top executives, such as Charles Blackburn (board of directors), John Pinkerton (CEO), Rodney Waller (chief of compliance) and Roger Manny (executive vice president)."[12]
Read more about the Alleged Violations, Lawsuits, Front Groups, lobbying, Political Donations by Company Execs, Revenues and Profits, and more. Read here.


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