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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marcellus Shale Will Cost Moon Township Taxpayers Money!!!

As it was stated in the piece, Moon Township, as well as other communities are sending police to a two-day conference. That costs money. And, they will learn just how police will be needed once the drillers, Frackers, pipeline fitters, and compression station land in these various communities. Be prepared for YOU to pay more so the gas industry can earn billions of dollars!

Tell your community officials that YOU don't want it in YOUR community. You want a ban on it until the industry can GUARANTEE that Fracking will not put water, air, and land at risk from their toxic chemicals.

Moon Police Prepare for Marcellus Shale Drilling

Police Chief Leo McCarthy attends a two-day conference with other law enforcement officials.
It hasn't come to Moon yet, but Police Chief Leo McCarthy said his department will be ready.
McCarthy and other law enforcement officials last week got a crash course in how Marcellus Shale drilling is impacting Pennsylvania communities, at a State College conference that the U.S. Department of Justice presented.
More than 200 state and Federal law enforcement officials were briefed on the potential environmental effects of drilling, as well as how it can lead to spikes in community crime rates.
"Sometimes, [drilling] can cause a rise in crime," McCarthy said. "You'll often have individuals who are from out of town and maybe renting here; you'll have them here in bars. Sometimes, you'll see in increase in illegal aliens, [whom drilling companies and sub-contractors employ]."
No Marcellus Shale drilling is yet taking place in Moon; the township's board of supervisors is crafting revisions to the community's oil and gas drilling ordinances focused on Marcellus Shale drilling. Two private properties in Crescent have been leased to drilling companies.
McCarthy said he wants to ensure that Moon officers are prepared for the potential arrival of drilling in the township. He said he's already briefed his staff on what to expect should drilling companies come to Moon and is training officers to properly inspect vehicles that drilling companies use. The department has three officers who are state-certified commercial truck inspectors.
McCarthy said he also expects to meet with other township officials before drilling takes place in Moon.
"We hear so much about this stuff, and we want to be ahead of the curve," McCarthy said. "So if we something that doesn't look right I want us to be able to act on it."
Because of Moon's proximity to the Pittsburgh International Airport and the large number of hotels in the township, McCarthy said drilling company employees have already set up temporary homes in the township. Earlier this month, more than $2,000-worth of drilling equipment was stolen from the truck of an oil company employee living at the Crown Plaza Hotel.
"We realize that drilling can be a great opportunity," he said. "[The Moon Township Police Department is] only one part of this, but we're just out here for public safety."  
How will Marcellus Shale drilling impact Moon?


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