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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Call to Action: Protest DOE Shale Gas Advisory Board Sham Monday, June 13, 6pm

The Department of Energy's original announcement contained a generic college address.  The specific location is: Olin Fine Arts Center, 285 E. Wheeling St. Washington PA

Below is also an announcement from Pittsburgh Marcellus Shale Protest.  The Post Gazette and Pittsburgh Tribune Review had articles today about industry lobbyists offering paid incentives to people to attend the meeting.

Call to Action: Protest DOE Shale Gas Advisory Board Sham

Monday, June 13, 6pm

At request of President Obama, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has convened a board of “experts who will make recommendations to improve the safety and environmental performance of natural gas hydraulic fracturing from shale formations.” The panel is convening a public hearing in Washington, PA to “hear directly from natural gas stakeholders.”
However, the Advisory Board is stacked in favor of shale gas drilling: six of seven members of the advisory board had current financial ties to the natural gas industry. The sole “representative” for environmental concerns is Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund, which supports fracking in the shale formations.
To make matters worse, the gas industry lobbying firm Energy in Depth is paying for supporters to attend the hearing and speak in favor of drilling. They are offering other incentives for people to come.
Please join us at 6pm on Monday, June 13, to protest the legitimacy of the Advisory Board and to stand up for clean water, clean air, and a frack-free future. We will have signs and banners, but please feel free to bring your own. The hearing begins at 7pm, but starting at 6:30pm the conveners will start accepting names for speakers. Here's the location:
Olin Fine Arts Center at Washington & Jefferson
285 E. Wheeling St.
Washington, PA
NOTE: If you’re coming from Pittsburgh, be sure to leave early because of rush hour traffic.
If you need a ride or have a ride to share, please use the “comment” section on the Facebook Event page for this protest.http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=154678261269726
Marcellus Protest

The Department of Energy's panel on hydraulic fracturing that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) exposed as stacked in favor of industry is holding a public hearing Monday in Washington County from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm at Washington Jefferson College, 285 East Wheeling Street in Washington, PA.

Details of the meeting can be found at this link:

EWG thinks that this panel could undercut the EPA's study. 

Here is a Freedom of Information Act Request EWG submitted to the Department of Energy this week asking for information on how the panel was formed.

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