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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Circle of Marcellus Shale Corruption in Pennsylvania!!!!

There is a definite circle of corruption surrounding Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale gas industry. PA Governor Tom Corrupt-bett is at the heart of it.

It appears that the University of Pittsburgh, and PennState have been involved with selling their research in order to receive grant monies from the gas industry. This means that the gas industry has purchased favorable research.

A radio program called This American Life has an hour-long broadcast of this disgusting corruption. It was made clear that the environment is up for sale in Western Pennsylvania, and Range Resources is at the top of the list of putting it at risk. This company has made Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania into Mount No-Longer-Pleasant with its destruction of the land, and environment of this little piece of small town Pennsylvania.

The rest of Western Pennsylvania is up-for-sale, as well. At the heart of the controversy is the choice between Conditional Use, and Permitted Use. The industry prefers Permitted Use.

Now, Pennsylvania's King Tom Corrupt-bett, and his merry pranksters in the State House and Senate, such as Prince Senator John Pippy, are out to defy the original intent of being a Republican by taking away Pennsylvania's local municipality rights to define their own gas drilling and Fracking ordinances and creating a "Permitted Use" type of statewide ordinance making it simple and easy for the gas drilling industry to destroy OUR environment: water, air, and land, as well as noise.

Listen to the This American Life Program here.


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