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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peters Township Citizens Moves To Change It's Home Rule Charter

This was taken from http://www.ptmsa.com

The actions taken by this group are a powerful way to affect YOUR elected officials from allowing Marcellus Shale drillers and Frackers into YOUR community without community approval.

"Peters township is a "home rule" township.  

This means it creates its own laws on any topic not exclusively regulated by the state or federal government.  The set of local laws that govern the township are collectively referred to as the Township's Charter.  The Charter may be amended either by action of the elected government officials or through a citizen petition. This ballot question is presented as the result of a citizen petition. The amendment proposes an addition to the Home Rule Charter to establish a local "Bill of Rights" which asserts the right of residents of the Township to local self-government, to water, air, the peaceful enjoyment of their homes, and their right communities and ecosystems, and empowers community members with the right to establish energy policies for future sustainability. It establishes rights for natural communities and ecosystems, and empowers community members with legal standing to enforce those rights.

To secure the local Bill of Rights, corporations would be prohibited from extracting natural gas withing the Township, with the exception of gas wells already established and in operation at the time of adoption of this amendment. In addition, corporations engaged in the extraction of natural gas, or intending to do so in the township, would no longer be legally viewed as "persons" and could not avail themselves of protection of the state or federal constitutions in a way that would nullify the rights of human and natural communities recognized in those constitutions and by this Charter.
We understand the right of our neighbors to profit from the resources within their property boundries.  However, that right does not preempt our rights and the rights of our children to clean water and air as well as the peaceful enjoyment of our own homes and property.

Unfortunately, there are myriad and well-documented environmental and safety issues associated with this industry.  We believe that the long-term risks with shale gas extraction far outweigh any short-term economic gains.  We find this to be especially true when considering whether denser populations in residential communities like Peters Township should be exposed to those risks. 
Please take time to review the information and links provided in the Resources pages on the coming dangers to our safety and health:
General Resources - Descriptions and links to information sources focused on all aspects of Marcellus shale drilling and infrastructure for this industry.

  • Drilling 101 - Descriptions of the methods used in hydraulic fracturing.
  • Property Values - How can you expect this industrial activity to effect the value of you home and property.
  • Water - There's eminent danger from hydraulic fracturing to our own city water supplies.
  • Air- Cleaner than coal?  Check the links and information this page that cast doubt on this gas industry claim. 
Join the discussion on the latest news and commentry concerning Shale gas extraction on the Blogpage (replaces the News page).

Take action by working with our group to support stronger regulation within Peters Township through our 
Action page.

Check our calendar to see how you can get more involved by attending local 
Events and education activities.

Finally, we ask that you complete the short survey located on the 
Contact & Survey page.  This will allow us some measure of where the community stands on drilling in Peters Township. Please keep checking back for updates as we continue to develop and update these pages.  Please let us know of any issues, i.e., dead links, by emailing info@ptmsa.com.

Thank you!

The Peters Township Marcellus Shale Awareness Group

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