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Friday, September 30, 2011

More From PA Governor Tom Corrupt-bett

From the Post Gazette on 9-16-11

On Marcellus Shale, Mr. Corbett said his administration would push legislation within the next two weeks to create an impact fee.
He said the funds would not go into the general state budget but would be used primarily to compensate communities where drilling is taking place for the damage to their roads and bridges from heavy truck traffic and other local impact.
The primary amount of money will go to the counties, and let the counties work with the municipalities," Mr. Corbett said. "What comes to the state, in my mind, will be used exclusively for the [Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency] and will be used for environmental cleanup."
Mr. Corbett has been under intensifying pressure for months -- from some fellow Republicans as well as Democrats -- to support a fee that would pay for environmental cleanup and compensate communities where drilling is taking place.
He had stuck to a pledge made in last year's gubernatorial campaign to oppose any new taxes -- or fees -- on anyone for anything.
Since taking office in January, Mr. Corbett has softened that stance, saying at first that he would consider a local impact fee on the drillers, then saying he was in talks about one with GOP legislative leaders. His Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission studied the issue and recommended an impact fee.
Mr. Corbett did not specify the size or scope of his impact fee proposal, but he said he has had preliminary talks with legislative leaders. "We will give them our package in a week or two," he said.


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