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Friday, September 30, 2011


There is new and fast growing movement coming out of the ongoing protest against the Wall Street thieves and crooks that stole our economy away from the 99% of Americans!! Remember, WE are the 99%.

This is an economic war brought to us by the Wall Street thieves who has sold out America and shipped our jobs to all-points-East and Cheap!!! in order to sell all their stuff back to US who have lost good paying jobs. Walmart has become their company store.

The youth and others have decided to create a new American Autumn Protest called Occupy Wall Street.
They have been protesting for two weeks on Wall Street.

Check out http://eye-on-washington.blogspot.com for current pieces found on the Internet detailing this growing movement.

There is a budding movement here in Pittsburgh called OccupyPittsburgh. Check them out on Facebook.

Here is the "Info" page on their Facebook site.

Check out http://OccupyTogether.org


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