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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Citizens for the Preservation of Rural Murraysville Website

From the site called Citizens for the Preservation of Rural Murraysville

NEW!  Proposed Minimized Footprint for Drilling in Murrysville. Click here.
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Marcellus Shale refers to a natural-gas-bearing rock layer thatunderlays parts of new York, 
Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  The natural gas is extracted from great depths--
usually one mile--using special drilling techniques.  Companies are actively soliciting
 permission to drill from landowners, and this drilling will have large impacts on 
communities like Murrysville.

This web page will collect information related to drilling of the Marcellus Shale, 
and make it available to readers as a public service.  To read more about any noted topic,
 simply click on any of the hyperlinks below.  Note that CPRM can accept no responsibility 
for the accuracy of the information on external links: the reader will need to use his or her 
own judgment in this regard.  
 Items of Local Interest:

CPRM Provides testimony to PA Legislative Panel.  Click here.

Click here to see the CPRM Position on Marcellus Shale drilling.   This position is based on 
meetings with hundreds of citizens, officials from the US Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA), the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP),
drilling companies, local councilmen and the mayor, elected officials from
other communities, citizen activists, attorneys, professional environmentalists,
land owners who have leased their land, and review of countless documents,
web sites, video documentaries and research.

Marcellus Shale Positive and Negatives.  A "pro and con" article written by CPRM.

For land owners negotiating a Marcellus Shale gas lease, CPRM and the
Murrysville Marcellus Drilling Task Force have prepared a series of questions
to ask the gas company representative. 
Please remember that all proposed contract terms are negotiable: 

Here is a concise summary of the issues from one Murrysville citizen's perspective.

Penn State Officials address Marcellus Shale Issues in Murrysville
an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  

Here is the web site of the Westmoreland County Citizens' Group.

Not in their backyard: Many city residents express worry about 
potential Marcellus Shale 

  Items of Interest on the State Level:

DEP: We Need Tougher Regulation An article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Here's a group set up to monitor fracking activities and associated risks: 

A proposed bill that would introduce "Forced Pooling".  
Click here for the draft legislation or here for the

An article by Camille "Bud" George, State Representative from
Clearfield County best explains the danger of "Forced Pooling" legislation.
It can be found by clicking:

An fact sheet on (proposed) PA law on severance taxes:

A series of reports on drilling in the Marcellus Shale from the Scranton
 (PA) Times-Leader:

A rich source of information regarding gas drilling and clean water in PA, 
including how to engage politicians:  Splashdown blog

A State Police announcement about trucking violations related to
 Marcellus Shale drilling:
 State Police Announce Trucking Violations. 
Here is newspaper article on this topic: 
State Police Crack Down on Gas-Drilling Trucks

A concise article on gas production in PA, from the Pittsburgh City Paper: 

“Drilling boom vigilance pressed”, from the Sunday July 11, 2010
edition of theTribune-Review newspaper. 
This article explains the drilling process, including many 
of the pros and cons, and has photos of actual drilling sites:

The Drillers Are Coming: Debate over Hydraulic Fracturing 
Heats Up  http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?

An analysis of "fracking fluid" used in deep-well gas drilling:
What's In that Fracking Fluid?

A Collosal Fracking Mess  An article from Vanity Fair magazine

Here's a thought-provoking opinion piece on how property values might
be affected by 
drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale: 

FracTracker, a fact-checking service on Marcellus Shale drilling, set up by the 
University of Pitt

Here is a very detailed exposition of natural gas production, from an
 “anti” perspective:  

A newsletter by another citizen's group containing detailed information:

Company to disclose fracturing chemicals at individual well sites:

Information provided by the Sierra Club:  Pennsylvania Sierra Club

The above picture was taken in an up-scale rural area near Hickory, PA. 
The fence surrounding the rig site is to reduce the noise of the drilling operation. 
The drilling rig is about 1000 feet from the nearest home in the foreground.  

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