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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cornell Study Finds Cattle Deaths Tied to Hydrofracking

From Goldilocksfindsmanhattan

A new study by Cornell University has found a direct link between hyrdofracking and cattledeaths and stillbirths. The Cornell university study focused on the impact that hydrofracking had on humans and livestock raised in close proximity to fracking wells. This is particularly important because many New York State gas leases are on working farms with cattle and dairy cows. Alarmingly, in the second case study, 20% percent of the cows died on a farm with hyrdrofracking wells with 21 of 60 animals who drank from a contaminated creek dying. Almost 50% percent of the cows still alive after the mass deaths experienced fertility issues and still births. With similar symptoms and occurrences in each case study it is pretty clear that fracking can have a devastating impact on livestock health and farming profitability.
Farmer Ken Jaffe, has written more about the study here.
This study paints an ugly picture of the impact fracking could have on New York’s grasslands. I am stunned by the results. Shouldn’t we be conducting more studies that can provide scientific evidence whether fracking poses a threat to our food supply and fragile local food system?  Do you want to eat food that has been raised on land that is fracked?

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