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Thursday, February 23, 2012

PA Governor Tom Corbett (Corrupt-bett) Is Ruining Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania is seeing gas drilling company spills, all the while DEP is ignoring them. Now, the Allegheny Health Department is taking their marching orders from the Tom Corrupt-bett and his drilling campaign financiers. 

[PASAMarcellus] Help Butler County residents get clean water - write the EPA

We need help ASAP!  There is a spill in progress in Connoquenessing twp, Butler County.  The DEP, 911, EPA and Fish and Boat Commission have been called.  Diane Sipe from MOB has been there taking pictures. We have also called the news stations in Pittsburgh but they told us that they DEP said this is not big deal and nothing to worry about, so they are not going to cover it.  The spill, located at Woodland and Crabrun Rd, began at 7:45am this morning and is still going on.  The gray mess is running down a steep road and is threatening the watershed below, just above the Connoquenessing River. 

Since the media is manipulated by the gas companies and the DEP, we need this to go viral.  Post on Facebook, Twitter….wherever.  Ron Gulla told me this morning that this is how they have been getting away with this for so long.  The media is being controlled so that people don’t know the dangers.

If you have some time, please consider taking a minute to drop a line to the Allegheny Cty Health Department regarding this.  It would be right near Pittsburgh Mills Mall from what I understand.  Anywhere is too close!!!  

Hey everyone,

The Allegheny County Health Department is ready to approve an installation permit from a natural gas company called Superior Appalachian Pipeline to construct a compressor station in Frazer Township. The station would include 5 natural gas fired engines, 3 dehydrators/reboilers and 2 storage tanks. This station has the potential to emit tons of harmful pollutants each year into the air we all breathe. Some of these pollutants have been linked with respiratory diseases, neurological issues, and cancer.

Please write your comments on this station and request a public hearing so that more people can voice their concerns and have their questions answered in person. Clean Air Council has encouraged residents in other areas of Pennsylvania to write comments on natural gas permits. These residents have been successful in winning the first 4 public hearings on compressor stations ever in the state. Clean Air Council, Group Against Smog and Pollution, Marcellus Protest and Clean Water Action are teaming up to encourage residents to submit comments on the Frazer Township compressor station. 
Please take a few moments to personalize the letter in any way you want. It is not important that all letters include the same concerns. Feel free to pick some issue you are particularly concerned about and expand on it. If it applies, talk about how these stations will personally affect you or your family. The more diverse the comments and questions, the more the Department will have to consider and respond to each individual concern and the more likely that the Department will not just view these comments as a “form letter.”

Matt Walker
Clean Air Council
Community Outreach Coordinator
Marcellus Shale Program
Website: www.cleanair.org 
Facebook: Clean Air Council Twitter: @cleanaircouncil

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