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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pennsylvania's State Legislature Is Dangerous To Our Health, Safety and Welfare

Governor Tom Corrupt-bett is doing everything he can to destroy the health, safety and welfare of the people of Pennsylvania.

He wants to suppress the sharing of information that identifies the chemicals used in Marcellus Shale drilling, which flows back up if someone ends up poisoned by such toxic chemicals. The attending physician would be prohibited from publicly coming forward with this public health risk.

Also, he said he would vote for a voter suppression bill if his racist Republicans comrades pass the legislation. These Repugnicons in the Pennsylvania State legislature cannot show a real reason to pass such a racist piece of crap. Where is the voter fraud which would validate the need for a Voter ID bill to be made the law of the state? It is nowhere, man!

Since 1999, PA has only seen 12 cases of voter fraud. So---where is proof that this bill is needed?

Now, I must ask--is PA State Rep. T. Mark Mustio, of the 44th district, a racist? Is Mr. T. Mark Mustio supporting this bill because he believes that poor African Americans, who don't own cars, or have driver's licenses, won't vote if they are forced to obtain a voter ID card? It appears that not only could poor people be shut out of the voting process, but students and the elderly could also be hurt from the vote T. Mark Mustio would make by voting as Governor Tom Corrupt-bett.

See it here. See how Mustio voted on the Voter ID here.

See PA Representative (44th) T. Mark Mustio's other votes HERE.

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