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Friday, May 11, 2012

Vermont Will Soon Become the First State to Ban Fracking

 Thom Hartmann: Vermont Will Soon Become the First State to Ban Fracking

By Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program | News Report

Thom Hartmann here – on the news...
You need to know this. The state of Vermont will soon ban hydraulic fracking – becoming the first state in the nation to do so. Last week – the Vermont House and Senate passed legislation outlawing the controversial practice that poisons ground water and leads to earthquakes. Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin is expected to sign the bill into law when it reaches his desk. The George W. Bush administration – chock-full of energy barons like Dick Cheney – exempted fracking from federal environmental regulations – meaning it's up to the states to take action to protect their people from fracking chemicals. So far – New York and Maryland both have moratoriums on fracking in place. And overseas – fracking has been outlawed in France, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Let's hope Vermont's bold actions trigger other states to "get the frack out."


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