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Monday, March 25, 2013

Pa Governor Tom Corbett and His Ties To Marcellus Shale Frackers and Drillers

PA Governor Tom Corbett, or more popularly known as Tom Corrupt-bett, continues to believe that local municipalities do not have the right to ban or control fracking and drilling of Marcellus Shale.

The issue for Corrupt-bett is that he is cemented to this toxic industry. Back when he was the PA State Attorney General he was investigating Alan Shipman, the guy who believed that our streams and creeks were his personal toxic waste toilet. He dumped toxic fracking fluids in our streams and creeks and Tom Corrupt-bett knew it. There was a list of violations that would have brought attention to the Fracking and Drilling Industry as he was running for governor, but Tom Corrupt-bett did not do anything with these violations; instead, after he was elected governor, he passed those violations onto the newly elected attorney general.

Why did Tom Corrupt-bett fail to prosecute Shipman? Could it have been because he was running for governor and did not want to bring attention to this toxic industry and those contributors to his campaign? Might he have lost the election had his failed record as attorney general brought to light? Had he not been elected governor would local municipalities retained the right to ban fracking and write ordinances to control the industry in their own backyards?

If so, he is the worst corruptible person!!

From September 2012, broadcasted on Democracy Now:

Pittsburgh Ban on Natural Gas Fracking Faces Challenge from State Authorities

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